Saturday, February 18, 2012

If I Could Make Days Last Forever

For goodness sake, did time speed up? Is the world rotating at double its normal rate? I think so, or maybe I am just busier than usual. That is the excuse I will use, anyway, for neglecting certain areas of my life. Like dusting the bookshelves, defrosting the freezer, picking lint off my favorite sweater, keeping up the blog...

and why?? Because I would rather make soap when there is extra time. My name is Barbara, and I am a soapaholic. It has been six hours since my last batch. It was a new scent: Sea Salt and Lotus Blossom, with a thin layer of tan-colored, sea salt laden bottom and a two-color top of green and light yellow. It's gorgeous. I check on it every hour, smell it, think about how it will look cut.

And then I plan my next batch, worry that I am low on shea butter, and make a note to check the Nature's Garden website for supplies. And so it is established that I think soap when there are an extra few hours not spent on the usual things of the day.

But there are so many other things I love doing, too. Things that obviously took up the glorious fall and winter months.

Watching the leaves turn

Fall craft shows, Christmas craft shows
Family Thanksgiving in DFW
Christmas at the farm
Long chats with Angie on the phone
Baking bread
petting the new dairy goat does
a little time for reading

feeding the cats
helping Don and his family move to Oklahoma
photographing the sunsets
my part-time job in town
reading Pioneer Woman's blog daily
hunting eggs in the barn
getting to know the new Border Collie puppy
keeping tabs on Eric's exciting ventures
wearing my fuzzy socks

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